Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Have Free Stock Photos on Your Professional Website’s Home Page

While free stock photos are good when starting out in the online business, the same cannot be said when you want to take your website to the next level. A certain business growth level reaches when you only need natural, top quality photos, especially if you’re running a lawyer website. Although you can find quality free stock photos, they tend to be manipulated a lot during the editing process. Here are the key reasons not to use stock photos for your growing website, more so for its homepage:

1.    Free stock photos tend to be unoriginal

These days, it’s easy to stumble across sites laden with unoriginal photos. While those pictures might work for those kinds of websites, specific sites such as a lawyer websites may not cut with unoriginal photos. As a lawyer, you want to be as authentic as possible, which means you’ll not entertain anything cliché. So, free stock images should be a no-go for you when designing your lawyer website’s homepage.

2.    Free stock photos tend to be unprofessional

Again, a lawyer website should be as professional as possible to be able to attract and convert clients. That’s why free stock photos should not appear on any professional website’s homepage. In fact, most accustomed webmasters read using free stock photos on a website’s homepage as impersonal, which is considered worse than unprofessional.

3.    Using free stock photos will water down the value of your site

Faree stock photos can cause damage to your site unknowingly. You might come to realize the extent of the damage when it’s too late. A free stock photo is a wolf in a sheep’s skin. It looks beautiful on the outside but eats your website in the inside. Clients these days are so savvy that they can tell a stock photo when they see one. And that’s how your reputation starts to get damaged.

4.    Free stock photos are impersonal

With stiff competition in the online business environment, businesses are working harder than before to make every aspect of their websites as personalized as possible. Free stock photos do not offer the level of personalization required to attract and retain customers. They are impersonal, which is worse than unprofessional.


Every aspect of your homepage should have all the characteristics to attract customers and convert them. That means that the images should be original, not excessively manipulated. The solution is to stay away from stock photos when designing your website’s homepage.



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