6 Characteristics of Quality Free Stock Photos

If you’re looking to buy free stock photos for your website or thinking of selling photos online, you must know the specific photo quality requirements to succeed in your endeavor. Successful stock photos attract multiple downloads and can earn you good revenue if clients request exclusive rights to the photos. Here are the qualities of a perfect free stock photo to contemplate:

– Great free stock photos should feature simple yet powerful subject

High quality free stock photo should be instantly recognizable to the customer, which means that it shouldn’t have unclear, empty, and cluttered and confusing scenes. The customer should not hassle deciphering the photo. The message should be as clear as possible.

– Free stock photos should have simple and complementary backgrounds

The background of the free stock photo should communicate the meaning and add interest, while not distracting the viewer from the main message. This is why the photographer should have proper techniques and composition. Any aspects that look off should be iron out in photoshop.

– Free stock photos that include people attract more downloads and orders compared to those without

If you run a commercial website, the photos that include people will make you sell much faster. However, people in the photo must be natural, which means that they should be carefully posed, not posing. Good stock photos should not include a lot of clichés or overdone setups. They must connect with the situation in the photo naturally. Their faces should be clearly and visibly conveyed while focusing on the eyes.

– Good lighting is essential for free photos

Your photos should not be too dark. They shouldn’t have too much lighting either. Great photographers know how to balance out the light across the picture.

– Utilize symbols constantly to reinforce the meaning of your free stock photos

Make use of carefully gathered objects to add depth to the message being passed across. The objects should be strategically located without distracting the viewer. Ideally, the viewer should notice the objects after looking at the main subject of the photo.

– Quality free stock photos must capture life, action, and movement

Photographers tend to focus on capturing static objects. It almost always turns out to be boring and generic. A good quality stock photo should capture moving living species and objects. For example, a photo with a kid playing with a toy will appeal to buyers than one with a child holding a toy and staring at the camera.


The fierce competition in the stock photography business means that you should be at your best when taking photos. That means keeping into perspective the qualities mentioned above when out there taking stock photos. There are many qualities of great photos to consider. Consider this highlight as your starting point.

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