5 Practical Free Stock Photos Marketing Tips

Just like any business, the more you expose your free stock photos to the public, the more chances you have at building your name out there as a photographer. One of the most effective ways of exposing your photos is to market them. This article points out the precise marketing tips that can help your free stock photos to get the much-needed exposure to propel your photography brand:

a)   Submit your free stock photos to popular photography websites

If you want to get your photos exposed fast, focus on submitting them on popular stock photo websites like Shutterstock, Unsplash, and Pixabay. These photography sites have an established subscriber base, so you won’t find trouble getting customers to view and download your images. However, for your photos to be accepted on these sites, they must be top-of-the-range. They must also meet the photography website’s acceptance guidelines. It’s a daunting process, but when you get to grips with what they want, you’ll be okay.

b)   Consider giving out free photos to build up a loyal following.

Some photography websites give photographers the option to donate some of their photos to the free section. While it might seem weird, giving free photos can boost your photography career. Most customers frequent the free section, and there is a higher probability of getting your photo portfolio noticed, which means more downloads.

c)    Leverage the power of social media to expose your free stock photos

Social media is the new frontier. More and more marketers are focusing their marketing campaigns on social media due to the staggering number of users (more than 2 billion). Share your free stock photos on social media to direct tons of traffic to your photo portfolio. Twitter, in particular, is more effective for photographers to market their photos. Facebook is also good, but unless you’re ready to sponsor your ads, you won’t get the kind of outreach you desire.

d)   Entering free photos competitions can propel your photography brand

Photography competitions can enhance your photography reputation, especially if you win them. Photography enthusiasts watch photography competitions, so your photos get directly exposed to your target customers.

e)   Optimize your free stock photos for search engines

SEO is a great tool to market your photos organically. Many people search their favorite photos through search engines, so if you can optimize them by creating quality descriptions and keywords, you have a greater chance of propelling your photography brand



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